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From Baggy Pants to Occupy Protests: Today’s Society

With so much going on today, it’s easy to judge people based on personal perspective. I always look at people with pants down to their knees and wonder why they don’t just wear belts and pull their pants up like everyone else. It’s easy to be biased, objectivity only comes with an earnest evaluation.

As far as baggy jeans are concerned, sure it’s not practical for walking. On the other hand, I’m sure it keeps your ass cool and sweat free. I’m being sarcastic, but really there is an underlying message. The message is that despite your social norms and preconceptions, they will stand (or waddle) defiantly. It’s about showing that they have a right to make choices that may not be popular simply because they have the same freedoms. It’s no different from the mohawk, the face piercing, or the guy at the office who wears “wacky ties.” If you can see beyond the cosmetics, you’ll understand that the need to express and assert oneself transcends race, age, and creed.

Let’s take it a step further, though. Occupy protests have captured the news for the past year or so and although it seems to have lost steam I think it shows something that has been replicated in the past. When free thinkers get upset, the best possible outcome is for them to band together and draw attention from the public and media. To me, the biggest failure of the Occupy protests is that they had no real leadership (which was the goal actually) and, therefore, never had a unified list of objectives and guiding beacon to resolution. I’ve heard a lot of people debate what they were doing and why they were doing it. I’m sure there were bandwagon people, just like anywhere else, that used the protests for destructive or derogatory means, but at the same time there were those who really felt that an injustice had been done and they needed to reach out.

The simple fact that these protests took place here and around the world (albeit it poorly structured), gives me a great deal of hope for the future. It says to the world that we will not be whipping boys and slaves to oppressive reasoning and establishments, but that we will voice our opinions. It’s easy for the older generation who are already in power to see the younger generation as soft or weak, but it is this younger generation that has evolved the technological infrastructure and societal upheavals that we are seeing today. The older generation is working to keep up with the demands of the social media, the smartphones, and the protests, and in return are largely conforming and adapting.

Today’s society is one of human evolution. A stepping stone to the great heights that we will accomplish down the road. I know it’s easy to be pessimistic and doubt the direction of our species. You are not alone in that respect. Great and small men alike have doubted the same thousands of years back. We have averted world endings, anarchy, and a slew of other foreseen catastrophes. We have overcome. When you look around and all you see is greed and hate remember that, as an unlikely source (Mike Tyson) said recently recounting his own life, “The brighter my light, the darker my shadow.”


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One thought on “From Baggy Pants to Occupy Protests: Today’s Society

  1. Wow, somebody that agrees with me on the baggy pants issue! haha Sure it looks funny and whatnot, but they can wear it if they want to. It always cracks me up when people post on facebook complaining about baggy pants. It’s like, do you know that you sound like you’re 90 years old?

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