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Happy Anniversary

Today marks the 4th Anniversary for my wife and I, so I thought I’d write her a poem in dedication to her devotion as a wife, mother, and loyal friend.

1,460 Days

Each filled with individual, yet remarkable events

Lazy days, laborious days, and days much more intense

35,040 Hours

Each passing by with expectations of more to come

Watching the hands turn methodically until the course is run

2,102,400 minutes

Obliviously marching by

Repetitive glances, leading to a sigh

126,144,000 seconds

Blinking out of existence

Time moves on, continuously persistent


The only reason I count down these hours and minutes

Waiting to get back to you

One loving, caring mother

One loving, devoted wife

One thoughtful, ever-faithful friend

Thank you for being in my life

Thank you for existing as an angel among chaos

You are the reason the world is beautiful

You are the reason love conquers all


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