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You insignificant, abomination of a being

Soulless, cowardice, insurmountable blunder.

You dirge of the earth, slime of the bowels

Insatiable, repugnant, misanthropic child.

You look at me with disdain.

It is you I see. You I fear.

Eyes like pointed daggers, dragging me down into the mire.

Smile like lechery, lips pursed in an unforgivable secret.

Don’t dare look upon me with the same windows that lead to a soul so black.

Don’t dare breathe upon me with breath that sources from a body so vile.

Each moment stuck in gaze corrupts my very core.

Blasphemy to all my senses, evil to all the world.

Your hatred circles like vultures, picking on the weak.

Your malformed heart tears at this flesh of mine.

Curse the world for birthing a creature so venomous.

Curse the woman who spat out a life so pitiful.


Thus said the mirror to the man.



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2 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. Agree to the above, completely!

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