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Beauty and the Beach

I journeyed to the beach with my daughter this weekend. We first cast out reels from a pier, where she caught her first fish. Then we rode across the ferry to Bolivar Peninsula, where she admiringly gazed across the ocean at the ships and the dolphins swimming in their wake. Last, we swam at the seawall and built sand castles adorned with seashell windows and seaweed flags.

Joyfully, I watched as she would dig a hole near the ocean, just within reach of the most courageous waves. As a wave would come, she would try to keep the water from filling it, throwing her body on top. Her efforts were valiant, but fruitless, however it was her spirit that captivated me; her infinite determination against all odds.

She frolicked and ran into the ocean until at the last moment, she would feel less impervious to a larger wave and would dash back to shore, screaming with delight.

Many people have written about seeing the world through a child’s eyes, and it’s easy to see why. I think to understand even further, you must have a child with whose eyes you can see through. The love you have for that child, translates into a deeper need to understand their desires and hope that all their wishes come true.

As I stood on the bank, pink bag full of clothes in hand, I couldn’t help but smile at her interactions with the world and the innocence that accompanied it. The world is not an innocent place. It never will be. It is our perspective and aloofness to the troubles of the world that make it a better place, not its absence.

In truth, I don’t think you can create tranquility out of a catastrophic event like the “Big Bang”. The pure chaotic essence is a ballet between creation and destruction that is still manifesting itself today. The beauty of the universe is not in its lack of “ugliness” but it’s coexistence of opposing forces. The magnificent part about that is if you understand how to see the beauty, you will learn how to transcend all the illusions of pain, suffering, and evil.

I hear of a lot of people searching for truth. I think the real truth, the key to real happiness in the world, lies within every one of us already. It’s something we vaguely know, something that dances around the peripherals of our vision. All things in life are beautiful because they exist harmoniously. It is only in the separation and individual extraction with subsequent analysis that we lost sight of it.

To see beauty we must first let go of it. Beauty is too often defined by the lack of itself; for example, a rose among the weeds, or a planet in the void of space. Real beauty, in my opinion, encompasses the weeds and the void. It is the balance between all things, not individual things intrinsically. In this understanding, both sides of the coin must exist for the effect to work. You cannot have one without the other.

Perhaps, this same effect is the reason we never seem to be satisfied. Our misunderstanding of what true beauty is leads us to obtain the individual instead of the constituency of the pair. This leads only to its eventual loss of significance and resulting search for something to fill the void.


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