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Earth: Whirling Ball of Death or Beautiful Life-giving Planet?

The nature of the Earth is a beautiful and cruel one. From space it casts a Van Gogh like imagery, but on its surface something all together more chaotic.

Creatures scurry about, battling its elements and each other for resources.  Like baby piglets, they fight to suckle at the tit and yet, there is beauty in the struggle for survival. It drives every creature. Through the vast millennial cycles its inhabitants have killed their brothers and aided their neighbors all in the name of survival.

It’s not just the creatures and the resources that cause chaos. The Earth is a giant ball of magma wrapped in a crunchy shell. The shell moves about and causes lava to spit forth and the surface to tremble and crack, which in turn causes structures to collapse and the sea to consume its inhabitants.

From the individual perspective, it’s hard to grasp the continual cycle of death and rebirth. We are perpetually going through this cycle every second of every day. We make up this illusion of what life is and place priorities on daily events to distract ourselves, but in reality there is a purely primal nature. We live in a cauldron of life consuming and life-giving chaos, which is constantly churning and forever chastising the beings that surrogate to it. Despite this nature, we must weigh it against the gift of life. If the gift of life wasn’t worth it, we would just fade into the annals of time and forgo the gauntlet of fury. This must mean that on the grand scale of things life outweighs chaos, death, and hardship. In that respect, the one who is not living his life to the fullest is not only cheating himself, but blashpemes the countless beings that have gone before him to ensure his place in the world. Those who do not live life to the fullest, surely are better off without it.



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3 thoughts on “Earth: Whirling Ball of Death or Beautiful Life-giving Planet?

  1. Earth is a ying yang. 😉

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