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Micro-Traveling: And it Begins

So, I decided that I’d do some traveling and take some pictures. The issue is that I am broke. I don’t mean that I have five-hundred in the bank. I mean, my bank account is negative two-hundred-ninety-seven dollars and I have sixty bucks in my pocket. It’s my fault of course. I could have managed my money better, spent less on things I didn’t need. The truth is that I don’t place most importance on money. Aside from paying all my bills, I look at money as a means to have fun and enjoy life. This will end up screwing me over, but for now I’m enjoying the ride.

Obviously, with no money, I can’t do a lot of traveling. What I decided I would do is visit local places on the way to and from work. Maybe places that most people don’t go. My goal right now is to find all those back alleys, hidden markets, and forgotten structures. Eventually I will graduate to traveling a bit further, but for now, I will be uploading pictures from my micro-travels.

I’m not sure where today will lead me…stay tuned…


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2 thoughts on “Micro-Traveling: And it Begins

  1. This is great! Too many people overlook travelling locally!

  2. Keeping it local can also be pretty sweet. I hope you enjoy discovering places close to you!

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