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Just One of Those Days

I don’t know if it’s the subject of my last post, the cold I’m currently fighting, sleep deprivation, or financial stress that’s causing my lack of inspiration and energy today. What I’ve vowed to myself though is that I will push on and write a short story, maybe even a poem despite my lack of ambition. It’s moments like these that I lose sight of my goals and they fall by the wayside.

Today, I am not letting that happen. Today, I am in charge of my own destiny, I will continue to write, and I will press on and triumph.

I claim today. Monday, you have just been made my b!tch. Stick that in your straw and suck it!


I apologize for the low-brow humor. I just needed to psych myself up. 🙂


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One thought on “Just One of Those Days

  1. Sometimes you just need to tell a Monday who’s boss.

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