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The Challenge: True of False?

So, The Hobbler posted a little challenge to select 6 things about yourself that are true and then a seventh that is not true. The challenge is to guess the one that isn’t true. Since she has been particularly nice to me, I will gladly accept the challenge.

My list:

1) I once told a girl my friend was dating that he was born to parents from a circus and that he spent his early life living as “snake boy”, the circus’s local attraction.

2) I held on to my dad’s car when he was backing out of the driveway. I was on roller skates. As he backed out, I slipped and the car rolled over my chest, cracking 2 of my ribs.

3) I dressed up in a ninja outfit and ran through a field with three friends picking mushrooms and doing ninja moves do avoid lighted areas.

4) I had to sit in the principles office for a week and write “I will not sexually harass students.”, after I dropped a pencil to look at a girls but in fourth grade.

5) I once attended a ceremony at a health food store where they used something called a frequency machine to broadcast frequencies into water to cure ailments. They also used it to answer questions.

6) I was cleaning out a fish bowl for by Beta fish. I poured in spring water from the fridge. The beta fish promptly went belly up. I then froze the Beta fish and when my mom found out she made me take the fish out and melt the ice so I could flush it. I stuck the fish cube in the frying pan and when it had melted the fish started moving again. I stuck the fish back in the bowl and it lived for a week after that.

7) My dad once hit the back of a car with four guys in it. They jumped out and my dad got scared so he took off. They chased us for an hour throwing things out their window at us. My dad then slowed down by our apartment and pushed me out of the car. I rolled and then ran home. He made it home too, but the car was severely vandalized.


Well, that’s my list. Remember there is one in there that is not true. Can you guess what it is?

If you’re feeling adventurous enough, maybe you can even create your own list.


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11 thoughts on “The Challenge: True of False?

  1. Wow, all of those are crazy. Hmm, let me think…okay, I’ll go with #7 as the lie, but I really don’t have a clue. Some of those sound a little too crazy for you to make up, but then again, you did talk about horse’s foreskins…

  2. Number 6 is definitely false?

  3. Oh! I need to know… what strange occurences! You’ve got to be fibbing either about the fish, or the story about cracking your ribs.

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  5. CatAlyst on said:

    Hi! Creepy stranger here to try and guess your lie! At first, I was thinking of #4, because most boys in 4th grade don’t really care what is up a girl’s skirt, they only care about avoiding cooties. However, you’ve given far more information in both #6 and #7, which leads me to believe you’re trying to convince us of something. Therefore, I choose #6, the most verbose of your statements. =)

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