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Yesterday’s True or False Post with Lie Revealed!

And the lie is…..DRUMROLL NOISE…… #2. The story was actually taken from my cousin. He actually was on roller skates holding on to his dad’s car when he backed out of the driveway and got ran over. I’m not sure if he actually cracked any ribs, but I’m sure it didn’t feel good…

Also, it was requested of my to explain some of my truths, so here goes…

1) I once told a girl my friend was dating that he was born to parents from a circus and that he spent his early life living as “snake boy”, the circus’s local attraction.

Yes, I actually convinced her that he was snake boy. I let the story go on for a day or two and then him and I left a charming snakeboy message on her answering machine.

3) I dressed up in a ninja outfit and ran through a field with three friends picking mushrooms and doing ninja moves do avoid lighted areas.

Well, it was black clothing, with a black shirt tied as a ninja mask actually. My friend had a cow pasture next door and we ran over and gathered the mushrooms. It was right at a busy intersection, hence the ninja outfits so we couldn’t be seen. I spent the night glued to the couch watching “Big Fish”, thinking it was trying to give me some ultimate answer to life and also watching his calico cat’s fur grow octopus tentacles.

4) I had to sit in the principles office for a week and write “I will not sexually harass students.”, after I dropped a pencil to look at a girls but in fourth grade.

Yes, it’s true. I dropped a girls pencil to look at a girls ass. Actually, I almost got in more trouble commenting about the word harass being quite similar to her ass. I got in a lot of trouble back then…

5) I once attended a ceremony at a health food store where they used something called a frequency machine to broadcast frequencies into water to cure ailments. They also used it to answer questions.

Yep. The machine was like a wooden board with circles and it had a crystal pendulum hanging down in the center. It was kind of weird to me, but I’ll try anything at least once. Well, almost anything.

6) I was cleaning out a fish bowl for by Beta fish. I poured in spring water from the fridge. The beta fish promptly went belly up. I then froze the Beta fish and when my mom found out she made me take the fish out and melt the ice so I could flush it. I stuck the fish cube in the frying pan and when it had melted the fish started moving again. I stuck the fish back in the bowl and it lived for a week after that.

I think the fish actually just had a heart attack and it was only frozen for a short amount of time so it was still able to live. Like I said, it didn’t live for much longer after that, but I renamed him Lazarus.

7) My dad once hit the back of a car with four guys in it. They jumped out and my dad got scared so he took off. They chased us for an hour throwing things out their window at us. My dad then slowed down by our apartment and pushed me out of the car. I rolled and then ran home. He made it home too, but the car was severely vandalized.

Yeah…so my dad didn’t win any parenting of the year awards. He was probably a little drunk, as were the four giant guys who jumped out of the car. All I remember was being in the passenger seat of my dad’s giant Cadillac and the guys throwing bottles and trash at my window. My dad actually slammed on his brakes several times to try and slam the car into the back of his. His thinking was that it wouldn’t damage the Cadillac, but would probably stop the other car. As noted previously, I rolled out onto some grass, ran home where my dad shortly followed. The guys had followed him and they smashed in all the windows, broke the steering whee, gear shifter, and destroyed the interior. Not sure what happened to them but my dad had a warrant for his arrest anyway so he went to jail. Good times…


Well, this concludes the True or False Post. Hope everyone is having a good day!


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9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s True or False Post with Lie Revealed!

  1. CatAlyst on said:

    Well played, sir! You fooled me! Care to take a stab at guessing my lie?

  2. Ok. So I was 50% wrong.

  3. 4 is so funny, and 7 is too…sorry, maybe it is not that funny, but really, it is…

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