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So…another morning drive rant. Yay! And I couldn’t think of a title…so…I didn’t put one. ‘Cause I’m just cool like that.

I was driving in on the lovely Westpark, which is completely not cluttered with trash, surrounded by shady car dealerships, and definitely does not make me want to lock my doors. Anyway, I was driving down the road when I see this guy pull in to a gas station.

Some background on the gas station. I’ve been taking the same route to work for about two years now and every day I pass about forty illegal immigrants standing or sitting idly, waiting for work. Now, in fairness, they might not all be illegal immigrants. Maybe some of them are perfectly legal citizens that can’t find jobs, or maybe that gas station is just so awesome that it attracts people to it likes moths to a flame.

Back to the car. So this guy pulls up and honks his horn. He then proceeds to roll down his passenger windows just a crack. Two guys run up to his passenger side and a third goes to the drivers side and starts yelling through his window. After about thirty seconds the guy on the drivers side decides that he isn’t being listened to and sulks off, defeated. The other two are still talking furiously into the windows of the car.

My light turns green and I have to drive on at this point. Well, not have to, but I somehow think the guy behind me might be pissed if I just sit there and stare at this conversation. What I was thinking  about was all these people. I’m sure they are people’s brothers, husbands, sons, etc. This isn’t going to be a pro-immigration article. As I said before, I’m not even sure of their legal status. I just wanted to point out that these fellow human beings are sitting beside the road just hoping for a chance to work so that they can feed themselves or their families.

It kind of makes me sick that I sit in my nice air conditioned office every day. I try to fill my hours with non-work related things just to pass the time, when these guys are working their asses off for a fraction of the pay. That said, I’m sure as hell not going to go sit outside of a gas station trying to flag down cars so that I can clean someones septic tank. I’ll keep taking advantage of my company as long as they keep paying me to do it. But it’s still sad though…

By the way, I don’t just do these things instead of work. As mentioned earlier, my job just doesn’t give me enough work do fill my days. I have to invent things to do or else I get bored. Maybe I’ll hire one of these guys to sit in my office and hang out with me. I don’t speak much Spanish, but I’m sure we could create a system of head nods or flag waves that would work. That’s right y’all. I’m saving the world…one person at a time. You’re welcome.


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7 thoughts on “Insert Title Here

  1. Yep. You could hire one to sit with you and teach you spanish…

    On a different note, I am just glad that these people are actually out trying to make thier own money. It irritates me so much when there are citizens of this country who could probably find work, but because they are too mighty to flip burgers or too lazy to work, they wait for hours to get government help, OR they break into MY car! So what if I want to leave my purse in the car? I should be able to, damn it!

  2. CatAlyst on said:

    The fact that you noticed those men and understand their plight speaks volumes about your character.

  3. An interesting point to ponder

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