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Anyone ever think…

…about things that are normal everyday things but when it hits you at the right moment they seem so strange?

I remember this one time I was eating shrimp and I stopped with the shrimp and was just staring at it on my fork. My wife gave my this funny look and asked what I was doing. For some reason I all of a sudden realized that a shrimp was this whole animal. It wasn’t like a limb of a chicken, or muscle of a cow, or some detached part. It is the entire animal. Well, maybe not the head…but some people serve them with the heads also. All the sudden I got this weird image of me as a giant reaching down and just picking up creatures and devouring them whole. Kind of put things in perspective.

There was another time when I was doing something and I looked down at my hands and they seemed so completely foreign. I was trying to imagine what weird sense of humor God must have that he put these little stubby meats bones protruding out from my arms. If aliens ever did visit earth they’d probably take one look at us and be like, “Man, those things are fucked up!”. Then I’m sure there would be some other, more democratic alien that would tell him that we are beings too and we deserve the same respect and he’d still be thinking how strange we look and how he’d never have a human hybrid baby. I bet somewhere in some nearby galaxy we’re already the butt of some joke.

Maybe I’m the only one who has these sudden epiphanies about everyday things, I don’t know. Like how people first thought of trying certain foods or why do forks normally have four prongs all in a line. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have something with an array of prongs for efficiency? Then again maybe there is a Forkiologist sitting in a lab somewhere coming up with and theorizing fork theology for the future. Who am I to kill his dream?


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5 thoughts on “Anyone ever think…

  1. I once spent an entire afternoon contemplating why humans were designed so that we can’t stick our elbows in our ears. Sometimes when my hands are full and I don’t want to hear my kids whining, I’m completely defenseless.

    • LOL. That is awesome. I’ve never personally thought about the elbows in my ears, but after having two little kids I think it might be stranger to have not thought about it.

  2. When my kids were small I often wondered why we only had 2 hands. A third would have come in handy so many times!

  3. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this earlier. When I first suggested stalking you, weren’t you writing something about money or economics or something? Have you had posts like this all along? You have an “I swear to God I’m not high right now” tag?

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