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It’s a Crazy, Crazy Reality Out There

So, I came to a shocking realization today. My goal some time ago was to go against the grain and dive into the world of philosophy, art, literature, etc. Today, I took a look around and all I’m seeing are people doing the same thing.

Now, I’m not sure if this is because the world in which I’m diving into has fully engulfed me and I have lost all my objectivity because the walls are painted in that which I seek to define or if people in general are just moving toward that area.

I’d like to believe that my generation is just taking over and that we are peering into the beginning of a new age, but I’m thinking I might just be fooling myself. Or perhaps it is the older age that is trying to veil my environment with what they seek to accomplish. Maybe their media outlets are barraging my senses with a false reality. Or better yet…maybe I never had a reality in the first place and its just  a fractured mirror residing in the void of my mind.

I might have just blown someone’s mind back there. Let me reel it in…If this is the dawning of a new age and our world is becoming one that is ensnared by art, beauty, music, and free-thinking, I am in complete bliss. That is all that I ever wished for the world. If it’s just my imagination…then I guess I’ll surround myself with disillusion until I die. I’d rather flourish in an alternate reality than coexist in one I don’t enjoy.

Perhaps that was a bit pessimistic and pedantic of me. After all, in the end it all boils down to the simple statement “It is what it is”.


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3 thoughts on “It’s a Crazy, Crazy Reality Out There

  1. I think you need to turn your head a bit or glance over your shoulder. Then you would see what a mess politicians are making of the country. If you look over the other shoulder you might see we’ve become a society who worships people for doing nothing but appearing on a TV screen for a little while. Please, please don’t turn all the way around or you might have a stroke!

  2. But you are right! For (if you are mildly interested with astrology) we are now in the Age of Aquarius – where people work for unity and banish the concept of multiple nationalities, the emphasis is placed on the common man rather than to the elite, where travels to other galaxies were predicted to happen, and the magnanimous increase for the pursuit of selfish desires ‘ll take place that’ll throw all the previous predictions to the bin! Ah, astrology. What a fraud you are.

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