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Let’s Get Them Dollars, Let’s Make This Money…

In case anyone has noticed a slight drop in the rate at which I am writing, it’s because I’m trying to find new ways to make money and I’m just busy with my current job.

A few days ago I was searching the job posts when I came across a job that read, “Make Money Blogging”. I was totally siked because I already blog…so technically I would be making money just doing what I’m already doing. Now if I could only find someone to pay me to drive to work, listen to music, and sleep…

So, I clicked on this job posting and it led me to a Hubpages website. I’m not a big believer that money is earned easy so I was very skeptical. Wait! Before you stop reading thinking I’m trying to sell you some money blogging scheme, I’m not. I’m not even sure I’m going to keep doing it. So the way you earn money is by Google AdSense. Apparently I have to whore my articles out to make a few spare pennies. Luckily, I’m an easy blogger. All it takes is a title to get me into the sack.

Also, I was notified after my first post that I cannot post the posts I normally post here. That means, I can only post things like recipes, how-tos, and self-help crap. Not my ideal way to earn money, but I had a job posting articles for at one point, so I might as well give it a shot.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be reading all your wonderful posts and posting here a lot because I can only write so many articles about fixing toilets or growing banana peppers before I get bored.


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Them Dollars, Let’s Make This Money…

  1. I don’t know what to say. I don’t actually like that post. I clicked it without thinking. I’ll miss you. I know, I’m kind of a sap like that. Hey, you follow my bad side blog right? Just checking. Okay, fine. Go blog for someone else.

    Okay..,I’m happy for you or whatever.

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