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The King…has Returned

Ok, that was a rather pompous way to start a comeback letter. Man, it’s been a week…I’ve been piled up to my nose in work and dealing with all kinds of family issues and financial struggles. Sorry I’ve neglected you. I still love you, I promise.

People have worse problems than I have though. That was made abundantly apparent by this mornings events. I was pulling up to the light when I saw the usual homeless guy that always sits at the light. Well, I say sits but most of the time he is doing pull-ups from the turning sign, talking to himself, or walking through the cars to beg for money. So, anyway, there I was and he came up to me. I normally give him whatever change I have on me, but I didn’t have anything this morning. In desperation, I looked down and saw an orange I had brought for my lunch.

Now, the story could have ended there, but when I gave it to him he was so hungry that he immediately started chowing down on it and had it consumed before he had walked 10 feet back to the curb. He at the peel and all, just like that. I was so shocked by it, that I decided I’d start making him breakfasts in the morning. Maybe I’ll buy some granola bars and fruits or something.

To be honest, I’d always been suspicious the guy wasn’t really homeless but was just one of those people who stood on the corner looking for free money. I have a cousin who did that. He’d make 250 a day just begging (or so he said). I’d have to say that seeing him eat that orange finally put my suspicions to rest. I’ve never seen anyone as hungry as he was.

Other than that, I haven’t been doing much. Just working and dealing with life. I wish I had something funnier to include here but I’m feeling so drained lately that all my wit and charm has faded temporarily.


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2 thoughts on “The King…has Returned

  1. Don’t feel bad or stressed. I think the orange thing is sweet, and sorry to hear about the others. Just get some rest Nuke. Sounds like you need it.

  2. Very kind of you to give him your orange

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