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Ultimate Human update

Following my post yesterday I’d like to add that I added a 4X4 in my backyard which isn’t the sutrdiest if I’m to be honest. I kind of dug a 2 foot hole put it in and helped prop it up with some large rocks. I then wrapped it in rope and punched it about 50 times until one of my hands was slightly bleeding. I felt like a man!!!!! After doing that I bragged about it to my wife, leaving out the part where I started hitting it lighter once I saw blood, and she promptly looked at me like a weirdo and walked away.

I then attempted to do a few exercises but in 98 degree weather I only lasted about 15 minutes before I decided to call it quits. In my defense I did just dig a 2 foot hole and bury a 4X4….

Now I’m well on my way to becoming the strongest, toughest, he-man stuffest person alive. To my followers, this does mean that soon we will be able to form our own street gang and take over the local neighborhoods in good ol’ fashioned martial arts warfare. You’ll be karate chopping your way to power in no time.

Oh, and I saw the crazy boxing guy yesterday. I was going to stop and interupt his training to get an interview, but I thought he might be intimidated by all my awesome manliness so I just drove by and tried not to make eye contact. I’ll get him though….I’ll get him.


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