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Happy Happy Happy

I worked out this morning. I was sore from last nights gym tournament. I call it a tournament because instead of sticking to a few exercises like I normally do, I just walked around the gym trying to figure out which part of my body wasn’t sore so that I could punish it for its laziness.

After my workout this morning, I took a shower and went to work. For some reason I felt really good after working out so I was happy. I guess I must not exude happiness much because when I walked in and said, “And how are you 2 ladies doing today?” the front desk women looked at me puzzled and murmered “fine…” under their breaths.

Then as I approached my desk, I asked a colleague the same thing. She distorted her face into a scour and said, “Are you running for office or something?”. Can’t I just be fucking happy people? Sorry for the language, but I felt it emphasized my displeasure at people not being able to deal with my happiness. For god sakes, grab some coffee and some perkiset(?) and go skip on a rainbow. Don’t come to work and harsh my happiness with your smirky hatefulness.

It’s rather unusual for me to be this happy though…maybe somethign is wrong. Maybe my body is emptying all of its seratonin and soon I’ll be left a depressed, mopey mess. No, I’m not quite happy enough for that. I’ve taken ecstacy so I know my happy limits. You can’t say you’re the happiest you’ve ever been until you stare at a motivational poster of a guy in a kayak for 20 minutes pretending to paddle down an imaginary river as you shout joyfully. Ahh high school. Those were the days…


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9 thoughts on “Happy Happy Happy

  1. I’m glad you are happy Nuke.

  2. CatAlyst on said:

    Ahhhh, I must humbly disagree with you. It’s really not until you’ve taken acid and realized how an ashtray filled with cigarette butts is a true and meaningful work of art that you’ve experienced the limits of true and utter bliss. 😉

    • The two times I’ve taken acid I have only ruined my sisters play, begged a girl to help me cross a street, saw the tree people from lord of the rings, and had a private concert from an indian who was playing some Doors songs. No art though….. 😦

      • CatAlyst on said:

        What? You saw the tree people? I feel cheated now…

      • Well, it actually was just a flash. It looked like the air just formed around the tree and it made a see-through impression of itself for a second. Definitely trippy.

      • CatAlyst on said:

        Yes, it sounds trippy. But that was the point, right? I don’t know about you, but I promised myself (after my third experience) that I’d never do it again because I enjoyed it too much.

      • I didn’t ban myself from it, but I doubt I’ll ever do it again. First of all I don’t know any drug dealers. Secondly, I have two kids now. I wouldn’t dream of being wacked out of my head around my kids.

      • CatAlyst on said:

        Come to think of it, I don’t know any drug dealers, either. Then again, I suppose I never really have. Any time I’ve tried something (way before I had children), it was with someone else who had it. But, yes, you are wise not to take any mind-altering substances now that you have children. When I think about the kids (and I’ve played “mother” to a few) who have grown up with addicted, strung-out parents, I feel so sad for them. They are cheated of their childhood. Bottom line: You’re a good father. =)

  3. Delilah on said:

    Having done both, I can honestly say the x was better. I work with someone who can never allow anyone to stay in a good mood. We’re thinking of drugging her. Shhh!

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