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Working out My Demons

As most of your know, I’ve been exercising a lot lately. A lot of my methods have been unique, but it seems like its really paying off. Up until now I’ve been playing it up as some sort of joke where I plan to take over the world with karate chops and manliness, but I’d like to share the real reasoning and progress with you.

This journey I’ve been going on isn’t just about losing fat, its also about personal growth. I was weighing about 197 when I started a few weeks ago, but now I am weighing about 183. That’s great, although my first goal is 175. It seems that my goal to lose weight is on track, but the harder part of my physical training is just beginning.

I’ve actually been training martial arts throughout my life, but (aside for about 6 months) I never took it too seriously. My goal now is to work at incremental goals until I am completely confident in my self-defense and subsequent offense. The first stage, which I’m currently in, consists of the toughening of my hands (palms, backhand, fist, side) while learning some boxing technique and karate strikes. I am also working on my flexibility.

The next step will consist of both learning kicking techniques, but also developing power in both my punches and kicks. In truth, I am already developing power, but this is not my main focus at the moment. First I need to work on form.

The last and final stage for this round will be advanced techniques and brushing up on something I already know pretty well, grappling. I assume this will take me a few years to do what I actually want to accomplish with this. I’m trying not to rush it so that I can steadily grow in skill, technique, and power until I am at the end goal. Who knows what will await me there.Right now I am building the foundation.

What I’ve left out, if you were following along, is the non-physical part. I am also training my mind. This not only consists of daily exercises in meditation and Qigong, but I am also working on alertness, knowledge, and trying to adhere to a strict code of morals. It might not seem like much to adhere to morals, but I have gone through my life lying when it was convenient to get me out of trouble. Now I am going cold turkey. Instead of telling my wife I’m getting home at 6, I tell her that I’m going to stop by the bookstore and read for an hour to relax. It’s actually helped my marriage because now I feel like I have more personal freedom. Even if she gets upset and wants me home, she normally respects my right to privacy.

It’s not just lying though. Instead of distracting myself at work, I try to finish minute details on things, and clear my backlogs. This has given my more respect and happiness in my job. Also, I try to think before I react. I have struggled with road rage for a long time now. While I have been working on it for about 2 years, I am not at the point that if someone cuts me off I don’t get upset (most of the time) and I thank them. I thank them because they are providing me the opportunity to practice my patience and tolerance.

Sorry if I bored any of you readers, but I spend so much time spitting out witticism and sarcasm that I figured I’d write something completely honest and from the heart. It feels good to write it, even if its not as good to read.

In case anyone is wondering, I don’t have a specific goal of where I want to be in 30 years. I only want to be healthy, have a clean mind and mental habits, and have as little stress as possible. I used to want to have a career that pays me lots of money and allows me to buy whatever I desire. Now I realize that I am happier with a job that I can be happy with, do with honor, and be depended on. If that makes me more or less money, I am okay with it.


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One thought on “Working out My Demons

  1. ahhh grasshopper you are a wise one … and I enjoyed reading it as much as your other offerings… just saying

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