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Best of the Worst or Worst of the Best?

I sometimes struggle with my station in life. More specifically my position at work. I could care less whether I have a mansion, yacht, and a couple of sports cars sitting in my garage. To be honest, I wouldn’t want those things even if I had the money. If I had a billion dollars I’d probably fix up the house I’m living in now a bit, buy a new truck and SUV and buy a small fishing boat. The rest of the money I’d use to travel the world and experience life. But I’m getting off topic….

At my job I am a lowly lab technician with part of an engineering degree. The department I work in is very prestigious and my boss has a PHD from MIT in physics, as do most of the people I speak with on a daily basis via telephone conference. I find myself sometimes frustrated when I got to read a research paper on something involving my job and some of the mathematical terms and applications don’t quite make sense to me.

The good thing is that most other departments that are in the building are not as prestigious and so I am not constantly reminded of my own inability to understand. Also, the fact that I am making progress in my understanding is encouraging. The question this has brought me to is this. Would I rather stay in my department and be the lowest on the totem pole for the foreseeable future or would I rather transfer to another department and be the shining star?

Inevitable it brought me to my own conclusion which is that I would not feel challenged in another department and therefore I would quickly grow bored. I am definitely better under pressure and I thrive in adversity. So there you have it. But as a point of interest, what would you do?


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2 thoughts on “Best of the Worst or Worst of the Best?

  1. I worked as an admin for a team of engineers at one time. They made me feel very inadequate – I don’t understand math at all!

    • I am fairly good at math…like counting how many dollars to give to the cashier or making sure I brought the right number of children home. But once you start talking imaginary numbers and polynomials my eyes just glaze over and I start to drool.

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