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Fire Up The Bass Cannon…

…If you survive this, a higher existence awaits you…


I love dubstep and I don’t care who knows it. I just love it. The drops, the beats, the way the music just resonates in my soul. If it were a woman, I would marry it…twice.

I honestly can’t see why anyone wouldn’t like it, but it seems that most of the people around me scoff at my dubstep music. They act like I’m listening to two squirrels having sex. I just get these weird looks and most of my friends want me to change the music to something more mainstream.

Well no more! I will keep my dubstep and you will listen to it or you will exit my vehicle. Except my wife, she gets whatever she want…

I also like pretty much every other type of music. There isn’t much I don’t like, but the way that dubstep and electronic music in general focuses on the music and the musical elements is completely amazing. Its like liquid life being poured in through my ears. If you don’t like it and have never tried it, I offer the following:



Choose Me

Run You Down


My challenge to you is to just put on some good heaphones (or speakers), close your eyes, and just explore these three songs. They are a bit of a mix, but see how each one resonates. Try to keep an open mind and just leave all your prejudices behind. Just let the music take you.

If you don’t like it, that’s okay. But at least try it out. Everyone has their own taste and I understand that mine probably speaks to a minority rather than a majority.



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