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New Literary Worx Post

Please forgive me for this post. Today my mind feels stuck and overworked. This birthed itself as a result:

Ravenous Stagnation


It Comes

I feel its hand upon me.

It stands in the void, shapeless and devout of position.

I stare it down, it does not waver.

I yell for it to leave, it does not heed my warning.

When I go, it will devour me.

It rests upon my bed, impersonating a loved one.

Although it has no face, it stares at me ominously.

Although it has no soul, I can feel its desire.

It waits because it must.

It can no more falter from its course than a bird can falter from song.

I let it take me.

Not because I do not fear, nor because I am ready.

I go because it is time.

Its warmth invites me in.

Its embrace tears me away.


You insignificant, abomination of a being

Soulless, cowardice, insurmountable blunder.

You dirge of the earth, slime of the bowels

Insatiable, repugnant, misanthropic child.

You look at me with disdain.

It is you I see. You I fear.

Eyes like pointed daggers, dragging me down into the mire.

Smile like lechery, lips pursed in an unforgivable secret.

Don’t dare look upon me with the same windows that lead to a soul so black.

Don’t dare breathe upon me with breath that sources from a body so vile.

Each moment stuck in gaze corrupts my very core.

Blasphemy to all my senses, evil to all the world.

Your hatred circles like vultures, picking on the weak.

Your malformed heart tears at this flesh of mine.

Curse the world for birthing a creature so venomous.

Curse the woman who spat out a life so pitiful.


Thus said the mirror to the man.


Duality in Peace of Mind

A quietness of solemnity, enamored by divinity.

Servitude to only the mastery of the meek.

Paleness in comparison, calmness imbued garrison.

Sanctuary to only the battlefields of time.

Impressed upon me infinitely, such an eminent intensity.

Quaint in its queer abstraction of definition.

All together lost to me, an ideological hypocrisy.

A Singularity of pluralization in these eyes of mine.

The zeitgeist’s innuendo, cached by an escrow

Safe keeping for dangerous times.

I turn to leave emblazoned, this unique occasion

Causing the effect of peace of mind.

By the Sea

I happened upon it there,

by the sea, on a forgotten shore

glittering with the brilliance of sunlight, subdued by waves.


Staring across the emptiness, I knew

the space would never again be

we would become one, in the symphony of the stars


Alas, all things must not contend,

with time whose savage trickery knows all

by the sea I found it, by the sea I lost it





Happy Anniversary

Today marks the 4th Anniversary for my wife and I, so I thought I’d write her a poem in dedication to her devotion as a wife, mother, and loyal friend.

1,460 Days

Each filled with individual, yet remarkable events

Lazy days, laborious days, and days much more intense

35,040 Hours

Each passing by with expectations of more to come

Watching the hands turn methodically until the course is run

2,102,400 minutes

Obliviously marching by

Repetitive glances, leading to a sigh

126,144,000 seconds

Blinking out of existence

Time moves on, continuously persistent


The only reason I count down these hours and minutes

Waiting to get back to you

One loving, caring mother

One loving, devoted wife

One thoughtful, ever-faithful friend

Thank you for being in my life

Thank you for existing as an angel among chaos

You are the reason the world is beautiful

You are the reason love conquers all

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