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Get me some learnin’

So, as an addition to the last post where I mentioned putting obstacles in my path, I have just implemented a major one. I received a degree of specialization in the Navy for Nuclear Mechanics and Reactor Theory and did some time at the university, but I didn’t attain a civilian degree. That being the case, I am in a company that distinguishes it’s employees between degreed and non-degreed to the extent that if you have a degree you get better opportunities for training, make bonuses, and move up quicker as well as have an organization dedicated to looking out for your well-being. If you do not have a degree…you are screwed.

Now I’m forced to get a degree or put a huge weight upon my shoulders. I am a relatively bright person I’d say so people casting me in the lot with manual laborers does not sit well. I don’t have anything wrong with manual laborers, mind you. Most of the men in my family were manual laborers or some sort (Mostly mechanics and technicians) but that isn’t me, at least not what I aspire to be. So I took the first step today and applied to an out of state college that would let me do distance learning on my own time and would accept most of my Navy college credits. I don’t exactly know how long it’s going to take me to get these credits or how I am going to pay for the tuition, but I will do it because I have to do it if I wish to improve my station in life.

I work about 50, sometimes 60, hours a week now so it’s going to be very, very difficult with work and the family but I’ll get it done. Here’s to challenges.


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