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Honoring the Dead…by stealing their things

I’m a little pissed right now. Why? You’ll find out in a second. This is going to be ranty…so hang on to your knickerbockers.

My wife and I were asked to come help go through some stuff and help move. The belongings were that of my friends recently deceased father-in-law. I didn’t really want to go but they needed help and I knew they’d be giving away some cool gadgets of his so I agreed.

First, my wife and I both don’t really like this couple. They’re both self-centered and think that everyone else owes them something. But I’ve known this guy forever and he’s like a brother to me. On the way to the house his wife said, “Well, even a shabby house like yours would be worth a lot in that neighborhood…no offense.” So it didn’t start off well…

When we got there, my friend was less worried about organizing and moving and more worried about trying to take whatever he could. That’s started my second wave of irritation. Let me provide a few examples and lets see how you would have reacted:

1) We find a laptop brand new in a box. I tell the guys wife who says that it belongs to a company he sold it to and that they are looking for it. She sets it to the side and when she’s not looking he takes it and stashes it in his truck.

2) He finds a film canister full of weed and spends the next 30 minutes trying to find aluminum foil to smoke it out of in the bushes out back. He finally finds a doctor pepper can, smokes the weed, complains he’s too high and almost falls through her roof, damaging the sheet rock on the ceiling.

3) He goes around looking for things that aren’t supposed to be gone through and starts asking if he can keep them (as if he doesn’t have enough already). He even asks for a $400 dollar fish finder. He doesn’t have a boat…and he doesn’t fish…
In any event, we make it back to my friends house with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and I help him unload everything. He then points to a pile of wires and scraps and says, “You can keep something if you want”. I look at all the hard drives, computers, monitors, DVD players, etc that he’s taken and just say, “Nah, I’ve got enough junk. You keep it”. Then his wife goes off on me about how its not junk and I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Sorry for the long rant, but the more I thought about it the more it pissed me off. I don’t understand why some people are just out for themselves. It makes no sense to me. There is more to life than mountains of crap. Okay, rant over. I feel better now. Sorry to drag you through that.



Earth: Whirling Ball of Death or Beautiful Life-giving Planet?

The nature of the Earth is a beautiful and cruel one. From space it casts a Van Gogh like imagery, but on its surface something all together more chaotic.

Creatures scurry about, battling its elements and each other for resources.  Like baby piglets, they fight to suckle at the tit and yet, there is beauty in the struggle for survival. It drives every creature. Through the vast millennial cycles its inhabitants have killed their brothers and aided their neighbors all in the name of survival.

It’s not just the creatures and the resources that cause chaos. The Earth is a giant ball of magma wrapped in a crunchy shell. The shell moves about and causes lava to spit forth and the surface to tremble and crack, which in turn causes structures to collapse and the sea to consume its inhabitants.

From the individual perspective, it’s hard to grasp the continual cycle of death and rebirth. We are perpetually going through this cycle every second of every day. We make up this illusion of what life is and place priorities on daily events to distract ourselves, but in reality there is a purely primal nature. We live in a cauldron of life consuming and life-giving chaos, which is constantly churning and forever chastising the beings that surrogate to it. Despite this nature, we must weigh it against the gift of life. If the gift of life wasn’t worth it, we would just fade into the annals of time and forgo the gauntlet of fury. This must mean that on the grand scale of things life outweighs chaos, death, and hardship. In that respect, the one who is not living his life to the fullest is not only cheating himself, but blashpemes the countless beings that have gone before him to ensure his place in the world. Those who do not live life to the fullest, surely are better off without it.


It Comes

I feel its hand upon me.

It stands in the void, shapeless and devout of position.

I stare it down, it does not waver.

I yell for it to leave, it does not heed my warning.

When I go, it will devour me.

It rests upon my bed, impersonating a loved one.

Although it has no face, it stares at me ominously.

Although it has no soul, I can feel its desire.

It waits because it must.

It can no more falter from its course than a bird can falter from song.

I let it take me.

Not because I do not fear, nor because I am ready.

I go because it is time.

Its warmth invites me in.

Its embrace tears me away.

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