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Mother’s Day Extravaganza

Come one, come all to see the attraction!

In case you are wondering, NO neither of those women is my mother….however….the one on the left is my aunt, and the one on the right is my grandmother. Now, you may look at this picture (which is admittedly cropped) and see a hillbilly woman with missing teeth and an old lady doing the “bitter beer face”, but I see…..well, I see the same thing. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you.

The truth is that family is just weird and funny. Which kind of explains me. I did crop out my mom, sister, and two daughters because while they were making strange faces, it wasn’t nearly as funny as these two. It’s not that they are hillbillies. We live in a major metropolitan area. It’s just that my family has no regard for dentists or fashion apparently. My grandmother gets a pass on fashion because she’s old, but my aunt with her sleeveless flannel….yeah, not so much.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. They all are epically messed up, but I love them.

Depsite what I said about the not being hillbillies I mentioned above, I have to mention that my grandmother brags about being in an Arkansas history book. Apparently in the book it says they were the first inhabitants of Washington, Arkansas and shows a picture of their log cabin that had a dirt floor and my grandmother’s crib was a dresser drawer. She also talks about eating squirrel brains. So yeah….maybe there is some hillbilly there….

Anyway, I hope all you wonderful women had a happy mother’s day and I hope all you great guys slaved over creating presents and cooking meals. After all, it is their day. Treat them nice, and nice things will come back to you.


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