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Writing My Career Path

For those of you who missed my every comment about jobs yesterday, I am on a new path. I’m actually very excited. For the first time I have a clearly outlined plan to reach my goals.

What are my goals? I’m glad you asked and care so much. Well, I want to write. Yesterday I was talking to The Hobbler and she suggested it and I told her that I don’t have people lining up to pay me to write. What I overlooked was that I had not planned anything and just kind of hoped the pieces would fall in place if I started writing.

Thanks to a blogger who happens to be a lifecoach, I got some really good tips on how to approach what I want in life. At least as far as my career is involved. I found out that most people don’t fail because they are lazy or lack ambition but because they do not have a clear and organized plan.

So I took some time yesterday to organize my goals and to list out my plan of action. It is as follows:

Continue writing DIY articles and apply to other companies to write these for them as well.

Apply for freelance writing projects

(Doing these steps will not only allow me experience in research and topic writing but will also help me pad my portfolio)

Begin writing an hour a day for my book. (I am starting to write a book. I will spend an hour a day on organizing and writing it.)


One of her tips is to imagine yourself in a year or five years, with your goal accomplished. Doing this, I was able to see how I needed to progress and what path I wanted my career to take.

My expectation is that as I take on these freelance projects, I will not only accumulate a reputation and portfolio, but I will also gain confidence and be able slowly depend less on my day job. When I get to a point that my freelance writing is providing enough income that I can quit my day job, I will do so.

Let me be clear. I don’t think this is going to happen overnight. I do, however, think that if I follow my plan and stay committed I will eventually arrive at my goal.

I feel so much better today. I feel like I’ve got a new start. I’ve even got a response back from an employer that is hiring for a freelance writer. So thank you to all of you who were there for my mood swing yesterday. And to all of you who weren’t also.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Author of My Own Career

I was reading a fellow blogger’s article, in which he briefly wrote people making their mark on the world. It got me thinking about my own life and where I am going.

Right now I have a rather cushy (by cushy I do not mean financially successful, but a good work to pay ratio) job. I support smart phone applications. I don’t design them, I just help see them to fruition and then monitor feedback, report on performance, and help with all the odds and ends. That’s all fine and dandy, and I’m not too stressed out with my job, but it has no upward momentum. There is nowhere I can go from here. I am at the highest tier.

Some people would be happy to sit where I am and coast through until retirement. I am not one of those people. Partly, that is why I am writing these blogs. It’s not because I think that someone will someday stumble across my writing and pay me millions to keep doing it (although I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea…). The reason I write is because I need practice. One day I’d love to write for a living. To me, it’s the perfect job.

I am not under any illusion that I will be rich as a writer. The main reason I want to even do it is because I think the art of using personal experience to project a story woven with carefully crafted words is magnificent. When I say personal experience, I don’t mean only write about things I’ve done. I think of writing as a form of acting. I use emotions and similar situations to create fictional situations. Sometimes I even throw in personal events for my own amusement.

That being said, I must have a backup plan. I have a wife and kids to feed after all. Right now, my writing takes second place to my day job. So my descending list of possible career moves goes like this:

A) Stay in day job, write on the side hoping one day to flourish into a published writer full-time.

B) Figure out some other career path and follow it, work my fingers to the bone and forget writing, die exhausted and unfulfilled.

C) Win Lottery, quit day job, travel the world and write.

This list is more of a joke, but you get the point. I’d like to get good enough that I like what I am writing and feel confident in it. At that point I’d like to write professionally for others so that they can also enjoy it.

That’s not to say writing is my only ambition. I want to be an architect, engineer, game programmer, zoologist, and probably a few other things. My realization though, was that I cannot be all of the things that I want to be, so the best I can do is pick the one that is the most attainable and start on it. Sure, I can still study the others as a hobby.  As a matter of fact, the thing I like about writing is that it lets you research other things to write about them. I wouldn’t be surprised if I included all of these things in my writing eventually.

For now, I continue on, learning the tricks of the trade and trying to learn from other writers. When most people read Hemingway, Twain, or Tolstoy they focus on the characters and the story. When I read it, I focus on how the words come together and the make-up of the plot. There is a lot I have to learn, but I will keep learning because it is the way out of all of this.

If you pass the bookshelf sometime in the future and you see my name on the cover, just know how hard I worked to get to that point. If you never see my name on the cover, then I am still trying to reach it. Until then.


The Bucket List

Following up my last blog about my personal traits, I started thinking about things I wanted to do in my life. I have never actually made a list of things I’d like to do before I die, so I thought it might be a fun exercise. I’m just going to put ten. I think this might be a good starting point. If I finish this list, I’ll make another one.  I’m going to honestly try to complete these one at a time and I’ll keep you guys posted (hopefully with pictures).

My Bucket List:

Travel Europe

Travel South America

Write a Book


Learn French/Spanish/German fluently (already know some of each)

Learn to play piano

Jump off a cliff into water

Lose 30 pounds

Visit the Grand Canyon

Meet 100 new people

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