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Teddy and Manson

So I’m just finishing reading one biography and heading into another one. The last one was about Charles Manson and the new one is about Theodore Roosevelt. A bit of a contrast here….

The Manson was more of an impulsive intrigue to know more about his infamy. What I really learned is that he was a weirdo lying coward with multiple complexes. That being said, the guy knew how to stick up for himself and was quite brilliant when he wasn’t being an idiot.

The second was driven by a need to identify with what people consider a great man. It just so happens that Teddy and I share the same birthday and several other ideals so I wanted to learn a bit more about him. So far, I’m liking the cut of his jib.

The contrast between the two men gave me a lot to ponder on the values and substance of people. In an age when things are getting easier and easier I find it unfortunate that life has become so lackadaisical and we desire more impulse and instant gratification, leaving behind the very beneficial virtues of hardship and extroversion. I am making it my personal goal to put as many obstacles in my way as possible. Not to make everything harder on myself, but to be able to overcome those obstacles and climb that much higher. Of course I’m not talking about mundane things. You won’t see me trap my breakfast inside a locked cage that guarded by a lion. But where I see beneficial ways to create constructive obstacles, I will try to implement them. I challenge you to do the same at least once a week. I also challenge any of you do a swordfight on the wings of a prop plane…because it sounds like it would be a cool story….


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