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Feed Me Seymour!

I don’t know if anyone gets the reference from the “Little Shop Of Horrors”. Like most 80s movies, it had cheesy lines, cheesy musicals, and a budding Rick Moranis. Despite the cheesiness, I actually remember it being a good movie and I loved the giant singing carnivorous plant.

What is this blog about? I’m starting to wonder that myself…It’s not about movies, or the 80s, or cannibalism, sadly. Not, it’s about my love of plants. I know, I know. Feel free to leave your comments below.

I have this thing for plants. I think it’s because I like creating and the creation that results from the process of love and hardship. I go out and look at my babies every morning and make sure they aren’t been leaf-raped by a marauding gang of biker beetles. You laugh, but the second you come outside and see three of the eight leaves on your bell pepper plant looking like Swiss cheese you’ll drop to your knees and scream, “Why God, WHY!!!!!” at the sky also.

Maybe I’m over-exaggerating, but I really do put a lot of time and effort into growing and harvesting them. I came out this morning and some high winds had toppled one of my plants I had been caring for half a year. Each day I’d carefully inspect the leaves and gently water and then, BAM! It felt like someone had punched me in the gut. In retrospect, I probably should have secured the plant with some bamboo or wiring, but whats done is done.

I have this radish in my raised bed that I was trying to grow until it produced seed pods. It never did, and now its the largest radish I’ve ever seen, sans seed pods. I don’t have the heart to pull it. Poor barren bastard.

Anyway, I’m going on excessively now. I’ll stop, but know this. Gardening is an extremely rewarding experience and if you’re not doing it, you’re not with the cool kids. And you want to be with the cool kids. Otherwise you’ll end up with your head in a toilet getting a swirly.


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